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Customize your homescreen with app Icon sets

Change your apps look

With our app icon sets you can turn your apps into a plethora of different colors. Pick and choose your favorite look.

YT app icon asset 2
YT app icon asset 3
YT app icon asset 1

Customize your home screens style

Blend wallpapers, widgets, and app icons seamlessly with our app icon packs. It's simple and easy.

IOS asset 2
Honkai star rail jingliu IOS asset

Works on all devices

raiden mei Honkai impact 3rdIpad asset

Unlike other app icon sellers our products are available for all devices. Not just IOS. Our app icon sets are compatible with Android, IOS, and even ipads, and tablets.

kokomi genshin impact IOS asset
elysia honkai impaqct 3rd tablet asset
 ellen joe zzz android asset

Your favorite characters

Have your favorite gacha game characters at the core of your phone. Each app icon pack has a character from gacha games like Genshin impact and Honkai Star Rail as the theme.

honkai impact 3rd raiden mei asset 1
honkai star rail kafka asset 1
genshin impact furina asset 1

        We are giving away a Tectone themed app icon set to everyone who joins our mailing list. The Tectone icon set has 2 sets of 50+ app icons, 4 widgets in each color, and 2 wallpapers. Once you fill out the box below and hit send you will immediately receive the download link for the icon set and a code for 10% off your first order in your mail. Joining our mailing list means you will receive updates from us whenever we release an icon set for a new character.

free tectone app icon set

free icon set

the details

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